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Export Finance 

What We Are Currently Doing

Airport Project

Dī-VES, through its affiliated company in the Philippines, CLARUSe Ventures Corp. signed an Agreement with Manila Airport Authority to provide RFID technology to enhance the airport identification  system for employees and passes being issued to visitors. Enhancement of the airline baggage tags is also part of the security enhancement of the airport that will be implemented, including facial recognition supporting the RFID system.   

The value of the project including other programs is estimated at around USD 3 to 5 Million yearly covering 4 airport terminals  

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sitting in airport
Drone Lens

Document Security Printing 

Dī-VES established partnership with Troy Group, Inc., a US based company providing SecureDocs security printing solution. 


Dī-VES' Philippine entity is pursuing a USD 5 million yearly business with the Philippine government for the use of Troy's SecureDocs

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Perfume Products

Dī-VES has direct relationship with US exporters of branded perfume products. These products will be available from Dī-VES Online Store 

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