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About Di-VES

Dī-VES Products was established to engage in the export of US goods and technologies. The core business of DI-VES is its patented digital credits and rewards system covering transport, e-commerce, financial services, real estate, insurance, communication, and food distribution.
Business Lunch

"Considering the competition in the global market it is important to have the vision to able to identify and adapt to specific market needs  to maintain the flow of business"


Our Core Business

Technology & Solutions

Provider of Proprietary Solutions for Government Services   

App Screens
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Mobile Platforms 

Dī-VES's main business is centered on digital transformation under its brand "Di-VES Privilege"  which aims to be a major player in the industry with a unique and patented credits system   

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A Borderless Global Property Investment for Investors

Image by Pascal Dehovre

A Unique Way of

Investing in Real Estate

Connecting investors globally with no restrictions through the Di-VE$ Credits System on a single platform 

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A Unique Business Setup in Transport Exporting Electric Vehicles

Electric Car

Export of US

Food Products


Export of Farm Technology

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