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Di-VES Privilege Membership is Free

What You Only Need To Do

(1) Pay The Entrance Fee of PHP 2,000.00 

We will Assign 2,000 Purchase Credits Plus (+) one of the following; 

When you reach the first combination of PHP 100,000.00 buying cashback privileges or earning Purchase Credits from MGM. A bonus of Di-VE$ 20.00 equivalent to USD$ 30.00


When you reach the first combination of PHP 150,000.00 buying cashback or earning Purchase Credits from MGM in the 2nd month. A bonus of Di-VE$ 30.00 equivalent to USD$ 45.00

(2) Start Buying Cashback Privilege

To Start Recovering from your PHP 60,000.00 Monthly Expenses for PHP 18,000.00 Cashback Privilege Per Month (Min Purchase of PHP 1,500.00)

Credits in Your Account;  

3,900 Purchase Credits, 15,600 Shuttle Credits, and 195.00 Di-VE$ equivalent to USD$ 292.50 FOR A TOTAL VALUE OF PHP 35,880.00 

Equivalent to 56% Recovery

including The Cashback You Purchased

29.8%  Actual Recovery

After Deducting the Cashback Paid  

Does Not Include 

(1) potential increase of Di-VES$ Value

(2) Income on Purchase Credits from MGM

Shopping on Sale Day
Wine Glasses


Di-VES will soon launch its 

Di-VES Voucher that Members can Buy and Use at our partner Shops, Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts 

The DI-VES Voucher will come as an additional cashback privilege to members Where It Will Have Corresponding Credits as Cashback 

Luxurious Hotel Room

How Can I Use My Shuttle Credits 

The Commencement of the Shuttle Service Will Be Announced. This will be operational starting the 3rd Quarter of 2023.


Start Collecting Shuttle Credits, since there's a requirement of a minimum of 1,000 shuttle credits to be in the account of the member

Front of Car
Image by Richard Tao

Where Can I Use My

Di-VES$ Credits 

Buying From Di-VES US online store or wait until the value increases then sell (Click Here To Go To Di-VES US)

Image by Vladimir Solomianyi

Free Membership Special Conditions

Di-VES Privilege will not charge a membership fee. However, to maintain the cost of serving our members and the sustainability of the program 30% will be deducted from the income generated on the MGM income per month. 

If a member does not reach buying the cashback privilege of PHP 18,000.00 per month the shortfall will be deducted from the MGM income and this will not be covered with Purchase and Di-VE$ Credits. Purchase Credits cannot be used to buy Cashback Privilege. 

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