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Dī-VES Foundation  


Dī-VES acknowledge how important it is to have sound strategies to be successful. In 2015 Dī-VES setup its Foundation arm in the Philippines, Dī-VES Foundation (Phils) Inc. The purpose is to make available various US products, resources and technologies to support Dī-VES' charity programs to help people build measurably better lives

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Dī-VES is promoting the Bayanihan Natin Program through partnership with US food producers to create export opportunities, supporting the US economy.  

The major part is the funding. Dī-VES is also establishing partnership with potential donors 

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Our Charity Programs, Activities and ACCOMPLISHMENTS


Donated COVID -19 test kits and system for a total value of PHP 1,593,300.00 ​(US$ 31,000.00)

Boxed Food

Our Grantors and Supporters 

Dī-VES Products Corp is promoting the program of its foundation arm in the US. Due to US regulations, donations sent through Dī-VES Products Corp for the Bayanihan Natin will be treated as official sale transaction. The funds will be utilized to purchase and export US food products. The donation amount is minimum of USD 20.00.

Please email
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for details of payment instructions
to Citibank New York.

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